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經過墨西哥到非洲的旅程中,手工製作煙燻墨西哥辣椒(Jalapeno),在煙燻味和辛辣間達到完美的平衡。 美味的墨西哥風味菜餚。

Made with homemade chipotles (slow-smoked organic red jalapenos), this is a Chilli Venom like you've never tasted before. The perfect balance between smoky and spicy. 

Chipotle Chilli Sauce (L) 黑嬤嬤煙燻墨西哥辣椒醬(大)

SKU: BM-12
  • Scrumptious with any Mexican-inspired dish. Great on top of eggs, pizza and grilled meat.
     食物搭配: 1. 烤肉 2. 雞蛋 3. 披薩
    ▲ Sustainably Farmed ▲ Gluten Free ▲ Fair Trade ▲ Supporting Women ▲ Hand Crafted in Eswatini with no added nonsense! ​​​​​​
    ▲ 清真認證食品▲ 公平貿易▲ 有機天然原料▲ 無麩質▲

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