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採用卡宴辣椒和新鮮香草製成,為食物帶來美味的口感。Made with organic cayenne chillies and fresh herbs, this Chilli Venom will strike any food with a dangerously tasty bite.

Cayenne Chilli Sauce (L) 黑嬤嬤卡宴辣椒醬(大)

SKU: BM-07
  • Lethal with meat, merciless in curries, vicious in the morning with a full English breakfast, and dangerously tasty on pizza.
    史高維爾辣度指標:30,000 - 50,000
    食物搭配 : 1. 任何肉品2. 咖哩 3. 披薩、義大利麵等麵食 4. 英式早餐
    ▲ Sustainably Farmed ▲ Gluten Free ▲ Fair Trade ▲ Supporting Women ▲ Hand Crafted in Eswatini with no added nonsense! ​​​​​​
    ▲ 清真認證食品▲ 公平貿易▲ 有機天然原料▲ 無麩質▲

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