Terms and Conditions

- The link to a Youtube version of the Team song must be submitted with registration. Songs must be the clean version, explicit versions will be not be accepted.

- Teams will be notified within 7 days after registration whether they have been approved to participate. Entry fee must be paid within 7 days after that approval to confirm your entry.
- You enter this Competition at your own risk.

- Entry fee per team: NT$ 500

  Student fee per team: NT$ 250

After completing your performance, you will receive event vouchers to the value of your entry fee, to be redeemed on the day at the event.

Please note that these vouchers can only be redeemed:
a.) at the HEAR South Africa event on 28 September 2019
b.) at the SaffaFest Bar and nominated vendor stands.

- Entries are limited so please register early.
  However, we respectfully request that you register only once you are  sure you can attend the event. Entry fees are non-refundable, except if the entire event is officially cancelled due to a natural disaster. 

- All acts must ensure that they are prepared and ready to commence performance at least 15 minutes before their designated performance time.

- It is the responsibility of each Team Captain to know the set times of the team performance.
- Team captains warrant they are authorized by team members to sign and submit the entry form thereby binding all team members to the terms and conditions of entry.

- Each act is responsible for its own props.
- Throwing of items from the stage, as well as acrobatics and stunts that could result in injury is not permitted.

- Acts must observe proper conduct with regards to sound, lighting and stage equipment.
- Acts must conduct themselves in such a manner as not to bring the organizers (SaffaFest), Lip Sync Battle Sponsors and the venue (Chienkuo Technology University) into disrepute.

 SaffaFest encourages responsible consumption of alcohol and requires all competitors not to be deemed intoxicated whilst competing.

- SaffaFest is not liable for any potential accident that may occur as a result of entering the competition, or using the awarded prizes. SaffaFest shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever which is suffered (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) or sustained, as a result of claiming the prize. All warranty claims should be taken up directly with the manufacturer of the prize.

- Failure by an act (or a member of that act) to comply with the terms and conditions of the contest may result in all members of the act incurring a penalty or being disqualified from winning major prizes. 

Any poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated and will be grounds for disqualification without refund.

- 必須在報名時提交自選歌曲的Youtube版本的連結。歌曲內容不涉及色情或不雅字眼。

- 主辦單位將在報名後7天內通知報名者是否已獲准參加。報名費必須在獲得批准後7天內支付,以確保您的參賽資格。

- 每隊報名費新台幣500元
- 完成您演出後,將獲得等同報名費面額之優惠券,可於活動當天現場活動中折抵消費。




- 參賽者數量有限,請儘早報名!

- 所有參賽者必須提早至少15分鐘到場預作準備。

- 各隊隊長必須掌控正確到場演出時間

- 團隊隊長須確保團隊成員皆授權簽署並提交參賽表格,從而使所有團隊成員都能符合參賽條款和條件。

- 各隊負責自己的道具。

- 不允許從舞台上投擲物品,以及可能導致受傷的雜耍或特技。

- 表演必須遵守現場聲控、燈光和舞台設備的正確使用。

- 表演必須合乎禮節,勿使主辦單位:南非文化祭“2019聽覺南非對嘴歌唱大賽”、建國科技大學及各贊助商損害聲譽。




- 若團隊(或任何隊員)未能遵守比賽的條款和條件,則可能導致團隊的所有成員受到處罰或被取消獲得主要獎項的資格。



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