Contest Rules

1.  Teams must perform a Lip Syncing performance on stage to compete in the SaffaFest Lip Sync Battle 2019.

2.  Entries are limited so please register early.
All registrations must be completed via the Online Registration link.
3.  Performances will be judged on a range of criteria as outlined in the Terms and Conditions.
4.  Teams must be a minimum of one person up to maximum of ten people. Each team must select a Team Captain who will be responsible for all communications between SaffaFest and the Team.
5.  Anyone may enter the contest, but you may only participate in one team.
6.  One song or one mashup may be performed, with a maximum duration of five minutes.
 Your song choice or mashup has to first be approved by the SaffaFest Organizers.

7.  Teams are encouraged to use performance time to the fullest including but not limited to: Lip Syncing, Choreographed Dancing, costume changes and engagement with the audience.

8.  Prohibited prop items include: fire, loose glitter, alcohol, liquids, fog machines, bubble machines and obscene/ improper items.
9.  Teams will be responsible for the purchasing of all costumes and props. DIY is highly encouraged.

10.  Appropriate attire must be worn during the entire performance and be in good taste. This is an event for all ages.

11.  For stage sets and props at the time of performance, only 2 minutes for set up and 2 minutes for tear down will be allowed.
12.  It is the responsibility of the team captain to distribute the prize and SaffaFest does not hold any responsibility for the distribution prizes beyond providing the prize to the team captain.
13.  Participation in this contest is at your own risk.

14.  Rules are subject to change by the Saffafest organizers.

1.參加南非文化祭: 2019聽覺南非對嘴歌唱大賽之參賽者必須「唇同步」對嘴演唱。

2. 參賽者數量有限,請儘早報名。所有報名步驟皆須透過線上註冊完成報名。







9.團隊須自付所有服裝和道具開銷。 極鼓勵自製道具。







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