Lip Sync Battle 2019

2019 對嘴歌唱大賽

  Basic outline:
- Entries are limited so please register early.

- Anyone may enter a team into the Lip Sync Battle.  
      Teams may range in size from 1-10 people.
- Perform a song or mashup of 2-5 minutes.
      Songs must be family-friendly and in good taste.
- Each team must supply its own props.

- Performances will be judged according to:
      A. Lip Sync Abilities (15 points)
      B. Creativity (10 points)
      C. Choreography (10 points)
      D. Stage Presence & Audience engagement (10 points)
      E. African themes and/or props (5 points)
      Total: 50 points

- There is a non-refundable entry fee of NT$ 500 per team.

- Student discount: a non-refundable entry fee of NT$ 250 per team.

After completing your performance, you will receive event vouchers to the value of your entry fee, to be redeemed on the day at the event.

SaffaFest reserves the right to change the format of the contest. We will announce and inform accordingly.


- 參賽者數量有限,請儘早報名。

- 任何人都可以參加Lip Syncing活動。 每隊報名人數1-10人皆可。

- 表演2-5分鐘的歌曲或組曲。 歌曲必須適合


- 需自備道具。

- 各項評分標準:







- 每隊須支付新台幣500元報名費,報名後不予費。 完成演出後,您將獲得等同新台幣500元之優券, 可於當天現場活動中折抵消費。

- 學生優惠:每隊報名費新台幣250元,完成演後, 您將獲得等同新台幣250元之優惠券,



Register on the day 現場報名
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Are you ready to lip sync battle
your way to the top?


Join the Lip Sync Battle

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