Judging Criteria

- The performance judged to be best overall will win the SaffaFest Lip Sync Battle 2019 title prize.

Other separate category prizes will be announced closer to the time.
- Performances will be judged according to:
   A. Lip Sync Abilities (15 points)
       How well the performer(s) lip-sync the lyrics of the song.
(The ability to mouth the words of a song in perfect synchronization with the recording thereby creating the illusion that the person or group is actually performing the song on stage in concert. Precise synchronization between the sound and performer is critical. When a word or a note is being sustained for a long period of time, the performer must exhibit the same amount of tension or energy that it takes to actually sing the song.)
   B. Creativity (10 points)
       How original and creative the performance is.
(How well the costumes, hair style and accessories match the look or actions of the original performer(s) being recreated.)
   C. Choreography (10 points)
       Use of facial expressions, gestures, energy and choreography which simulates the likeness of the original performer(s) (Instead of just standing on stage and lip-syncing a song, contestants should dance and move with energy, like the original artist who was possibly giving a live performance at a concert to thousands of people.)

   D. Stage Presence & Audience engagement (10 points)
       Ability to engage the crowd and generate audience response.
(Engage the audience with charisma, smiles and eye contact... you're a STAR on stage now, so act like it and WOW your fans!)

   E. The sounds of Africa (5 points)
       A song by either an African artist or with lyrics that include the word “Africa”.

     Total: 50 points

- In case of a tie, the act with the highest lip sync score will win.
- All judges' decisions are final.  

- Prizes will be awarded shortly after the competition during the prize-giving ceremony.

- 評分總計最高分之隊伍將贏得“南非文化祭: 2019聽覺南非對嘴歌唱大賽” 頭獎。其他特別獎項將於活動前公佈。


- 各項評分標準:

   A. 對嘴是否同步(15分)



   B. 富創意性(10分)



   C. 舞蹈編排(10分)


    D. 舞台表現和觀眾參與(10分)



    E. 非洲曲風(5分)



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