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HEAR South Africa will feature Southern African Sounds and music, LIP SYNC battles, Afrobeat DJ and dance party, Face painting, Kids Safari Story Time, gumboot dancing, the Big Five games, S.A. Flag puzzle race and other sound-sensory activities to give visitors a deeper understanding of South African culture.
“聽覺南非” 將介紹獨特的南非樂曲,對嘴歌唱大賽,
南非舞會, 臉部彩繪, 說故事時間,傳統靴子舞示範, 
非洲五霸趣味競賽, 南非國旗拼圖競賽及其它互動式活動帶您深度認識南非文化。

Chienkuo Technology University,
No. 1, Jieshou North Road, Changhua City

彰化市 建國科技大學

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I want to attend this event!

​ Mailing address: 34-4 Shuei Yuan Di, Chang Zhu Li, East District, Chiayi City, 60075

公司地址: 60075 嘉義市東區長竹里水源地34之4號

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